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Our purpose is to provide research and development instrumentation to stimulate the scientific research for the electrochemistry & biochemistry.

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  • VMP-300VMP-300: The ultimate multichannel electrochemical workstation. A new step in combination of performance and versatility.
  • BCSBCS-8xx Series: The BCS-8xx series is a Battery Cycling System which addresses the needs of the industrial battery cycling market.  With its superior specifications, capabilities and low cost it offers exceptional value.
  • MTZ-35MTZ-35: Exploring new frontiers of impedance testing across a broad scope of applications in the materials research field.
  • M370: Designed for ultra-high resolution, non-contact, spatially resolved electrochemical measurements.
  • MCS-10: The MCS 10 frequency response analyser and temperature control unit offers a complete system for multi-channel liquid conductivity measurements for the study of ionic liquid and liquid electrolytes over a wide temperature range.
  • MPG-2xx: Battery tester with a choice of boosters and possibility to install 5 instruments in one rack system.
    EIS on all channels available.

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