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Bipotentiostat - Bigalvanostat

3200 - Bipotentiostat - Bigalvanostat

The Uniscan BiStat 3200 is a high quality, digital scanning bipotentiostat - bigalvanostat system for demanding research applications with true 2-channel measurement capability. Its small footprint allows it to be used in a variety of applications and environments where space is at a premium.

The BiStat 3200 is the ideal instrument for use in the following application areas:

The BiStat 3200 provides the features found in a traditional laboratory based instrument, in a dual design and incorporates the following features:

Independent control of applied potential or current on both channels
The BiStat 3200 operates as two independent isolated instruments or as a bi-potentiostat or bi-galvanostat. The instrument may be operated from its front panel using the dual keypads and LCD displays or connected to a Windows™ based personal computer and used with the UiEChem™ or UiECorr™ software.

When connected to a personal computer the instrument is supported by the UiEChem™ and UiECorr™ software applications for electrochemistry and corrosion research respectively. The instrument may also be controlled from third party programming environments such as Visual Basic, Labview etc. using the optional ActiveX control interface.


RC10V Rotator Controller

The RC10V Rotator Controller accessory connects the BiStat 3200, 3300, PG580RM or PG581 potentiostat to an electrode rotator and remotely controls the rotational speed of the unit. The rotator speed can be set directly in software using the Rotator Velocity experiment included with the controller.

The software experiment sequencer provides a versatile mechanism to implement complex automatic experiments. An example sequence supplied with the controller implements a completely automatic Levich experiment and analysis.


Key features :