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M370 - Scanning Electrochemical Workstation

M470 - Scanning Electrochemical Workstation

The new Scanning Probe Electrochemistry (SPE) platform from the originators of the modular SPE system.

The M470 introduces a new scanning probe system with higher specifications to achieve the perfect balance of scan speed, resolution and accuracy to deliver the new gold standard in spatially resolved electrochemical measurements. The fast, precise closed loop positioning system is designed specifically for the demands of scanning probe electrochemistry with nanometer resolution. 

Extra techniques provide simultaneous electrochemical and topographic information or measurements in the absence of a mediator.  The new platform enables a user to select the configuration most suited to their application and experiments.

This ability to configure to a specific application, and upgrade at a later date, makes the M470 uniquely flexible, whilst maintaining ultimate performance.


The system is available with a combination of nine techniques which make the 470 the world’s most flexible SPE platform.


These techniques have been used in the following application areas:


A wide variety of optional accessories are available, including various probe options, cell options (Environmental TriCell™, µTriCell™ and Shallow µTriCell™, long working distance optical video microscope (VCAM3) and 3D shaded surface rendering software (3DIsoPlot™).