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MCS 10 Multichannel Conductivity Spectroscopy system


The growing number of ionic liquid and liquid electrolyte studies for batteries and other electrochemical devices requires practical and accurate liquid conductivity measurement instrumentation.

Using its expertise in impedance spectroscopy, Bio-Logic has developed the MCS 10, a unique integration of frequency response analysis and temperature control unit, enabling multi-sampling at various temperatures.

The Conductimetry system measures ionic conductivity of liquids over a wide temperature range. 

Application areas include

Suited to ionic liquid screening, the MCS 10 provides in a single experiment not only the liquid conductivity, but can also help find the liquid usability temperature range, and the phase transition liquid-solid temperature.

The MCS 10 consists of three integrated components:

The MultyC software connects the MCS 10 instruments and ancillaries. Experiment setup and monitoring is managed through a Graphic User Interface. An algorithm selects the optimal frequencies used for the conductivity measures. Full data collection and real time plot are available.