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Multi-Channel Potentiostat-Galvanostat


Multi-Channel Potentiostat-Galvanostat

The Uniscan SensorSTAT is a high quality, digital scanning multi-channel potentiostat system. The system can be configured from 8 to 14 channels which can be controlled independently or be used in conjunction with other channels to perform simultaneous experiments on different electrodes.

The design provides a user configurable instrument for demanding research applications. The SensorSTAT has unique features which makes it an ideal choice where high sample throughput is a requirement. The SensorSTAT's modular concept means it can be configured to create a user defined system from a 8-channel up to a 14-channel system within the same chassis. By connecting a 14-channel chassis to other SensorSTAT units an extended system is created.

Versatile Electrochemistry Software

The SensorSTAT system interfaces to a computer via a USB connection, and is controlled using our versatile UiEChem™ software.
UiEChem™ provides a suite of sweep, step and pulse experiments which can be used by the researcher to investigate the oxidation and reduction profiles of electrochemically active materials for a wide range of applications.




Advanced Waveform Generation

The SensorSTAT modules are capable of generating complex and repetitive waveforms with precision timing. The instrument has a sequenced waveform generator which generates waveforms based on a sequence of steps. Each step may comprise a waveform which includes pulses, linear sweeps and arbitrary waves.

Multiple WE Configurations

The SensorSTAT can be configured to run multiple working electrodes with a single counter electrode and reference electrode or with each working electrode having its own counter and reference electrode.

Each potentiostat channel can be addressed individually so multiple experiments or multiple techniques can be run simultaneously.