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Single Potentiostat / Galvanostat / EIS

SP-200 & SP-240 New Research Grade Potentiostat

Compact and powerful in a portable chassis

SP-200 and SP-240 are the newest, research grade, value-oriented potentiostat/galvanostat in the Bio-Logic product range. With excellent specifications in a portable chassis, the SP-200 and the SP-240 are the perfect instruments for any application in electrochemistry especially in corrosion.

The SP-200 & SP-240 offer outstanding features such as a floating mode, analog filtering, a built-in calibration board, and 9 stability bandwidths for a better control of the cell. Additionally, the SP-200 & SP-240 can be purchased with a standard DC potentiostat or an EIS capable one. There is also an Ultra Low Current (ULC) option.

The SP-240 includes a ±4 A booster kit.

On-site corrosion experiments can be performed thanks to its portable design.