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VSP-300 - The Ultimate Modular 6 Channels Potentiostat/Galvanostat

Fast, sensitive, stable and modular… a remarkable combination!!!

VSP-300 is a state-of-the-art research grade potentiostat/ galvanostat/ FRA with remarkable specifications.
It is the newest benchmark in the Bio-Logic product range.

Designed upon Bio-Logic’s long history of flexible and modular potentiostat, the VSP-300 incorporates the latest technology to ensure excellent performance.

The VSP-300 multichannel potentiostat/galvanostat is a versatile instrument offering 6 slots to set from 1 to 6 channel boards.

Each channel board can accomodate an ultra low current cable and can be associated with one or several booster kits.
Two kinds of booster kits are available: ±4 A/ 14 V and ±1 A/ 48 V.

Up to five boosters of 4A can be plugged in one VSP-300 chassis. They can be parallelized to reach up to 20 A.

Each channel board can be equipped with a linear scan generator. Not only a multichannel system, this instrument can be controlled independently by several users thanks to the LAN connection.